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Career Management

Managing your own career - don't make the 9 to 5 a black hole, make the working day count by maximising your success at work.

Career management

The aim of these services is to help you reach the work goals you want to achieve.

Specifically this can include:

  • setting work and career goals that are right for you
  • making the right career decision
  • managing the challenges of professional life effectively
  • building on strengths and managing weaknesses
  • developing and maintaining sufficient motivation and focus to reach your goals

There are many websites on the net that describe career development services for people. What makes us different?

Our approach is to draw upon the evidence base of occupational and organisational psychology, utilise the insights gained from our counselling and management experience and take a coaching approach to motivate you to get things done!

We offer a range of packages.  Our individual Career Management programme tends to be structured around four sessions and includes some psychometric assessment in order to give you an objective and impartial view of your likely strengths and weaknesses.  However, the detailed content of the programme will depend on your issues and needs.  This can range from two or three coaching sessions, a more structured programme or ongoing coaching. A bespoke service means that it is carefully tailored to your individual needs and that it will give you a much clearer insight into yourself.  This enables a greater understanding of your strengths and career development needs, the type of work environment in which you are likely to thrive, the tasks that will energise you and how to enhance your work performance. The new understanding and skill you will have gained will allow you to take a more pro-active approach to your career, enable you to play to your strengths, and help you to predict more successfully how a career decision will turn out - for example, which jobs to reject and which to go for. In addition, through a thorough understanding of your personal style, we can help you to manage your weaknesses and hopefully enhance your personal effectiveness.

We aim to be grounded and very practical. We will help you utilise this information in a way that is relevant to you. You may want a career change, but have little idea of what you would like to do; we can come up with a list of career areas and occupations for which you would be most suited.  We will also be able to give you information on training.  Basically, we will provide the career information that you will need to make the most of your new insight, and the process will also give you the impetus for action that will get you where you want to be.

With the working world rapidly changing, gaining insight into yourself will give you a competitive edge.

We tend to take a cognitive behavioural approach to coaching.  This approach is based on the idea that how we respond and feel about an event is due to how we think about it, rather than the event itself.  Therefore, in the coaching sessions we explore the way you think about events to get a clearer understanding of your individual thoughts, feelings and behaviours that may be self-defeating and holding you back.  You can then dispute and challenge those habits of mind in order to achieve a more positive outcome. 

For information on fees please do not hesitate to contact us.

The section below outlines the broad concerns and issues that people bring to us.

This is designed for individuals looking to start their career, switch careers or jobs, handle redundancy constructively, or seriously re-consider earlier decisions and current career paths.

For example:

  • “I am looking to change direction, but to what?”
  • “I think I know what career I want to change to, but I am not sure if it’s realistic?”
  • “I'm not happy in my current job, but I am not sure whether I should change careers, or just change employer?”
  • “I’ve been out of the workplace for several years due to my family commitments. What are my options now?”

Work performance issues

The focus of this intervention is on your effectiveness at work, i.e., your behaviour. In practice, it’s about learning about yourself, your strengths and career development needs, and then what you can do about those development needs. The service is grounded in psychometrics, development of self-awareness and makes full use of a coaching approach.

For example:

  • "I have progressed well in my career, but I need to work on some issues to really move forward to the next stage."
  • "My last appraisal was disappointing; I want to work on the issues identified."
  • "I think I am in the right sort of job, but I just can't get on with my boss. How can I deal with this effectively?"
  • "I have been identified as a high flyer. How can I make the most of the opportunity I have now?"

Motivation issues!!

This is really designed for individuals who are feeling ambivalent about their working life. There is nothing particularly wrong with their work, but it’s no longer exciting; doesn’t give the same buzz.

Typical issues people bring to us include -

  • "I feel bored. Nothing seems to interest or excite me."
  • "I feel at a loose end career-wise."
  • "I no longer know what I want."

We will help you to identify what makes you tick, what energises you, what turns you off and exhausts you, and link that to career choice, goal setting and action.

People in senior positions, whether a large fee earner in a city law firm or a director, generally have support and development needs that are different to those in more junior positions, as the environments to navigate are often more complex, the opportunities for action greater, and the scope for getting it wrong (for the individual and the organisation) more critical.

  • Continued success at a senior level generally places much greater emphasis on emotional intelligence and self-awareness
  • Adapting leadership style becomes vitally important
  • Huge adjustment issues may be required if an abrupt change in circumstances or seniority is required, such as a promotion or change in role
  • Confidentiality may also be a greater concern - for example, a high profile CEO
  • Credibility and awareness of the coach is important

Quite often, because of their position, senior people frequently lack peers and colleagues within the workplace with whom they can discuss career-related issues, the 'loneliness of the long distance runner' syndrome.

Typical concerns that people have brought to us include:

  • "I want to move on to the next level but need to get an objective assessment of my strengths and what I should focus my development on."
  • “I have been very successful but I am now looking for the next energising challenge”
  • “I have been very ambitious, think I still am, but my values have changed and I'm looking to identify the next stage”
  • “This redundancy has really knocked the stuffing out of me, and I'm not sure what I want to do next”

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts!” - John Wooden

Our executive coaching and career development programmes are very much tailored to the individual and can range from a focus on leadership development to increasing self-awareness of what went wrong (e.g. management de-railers and pitfalls), to identifying and acting upon key personal values.

We can offer a flexible series of careers counselling / executive coaching sessions dealing with any of the above themes, or a more structured career change programme - "Where do I go from here?", a programme for individuals and also available in workshops. See section 2 below for further information.

Where appropriate, our services are underpinned by psychometrics. The ones we use are all scientifically validated. They can provide you with reliable and insightful information on your values, motives, personality, stress points, coping style, problem solving strengths - the list can go on.

We can see people in our offices in Tunbridge Wells, in Central London and other locations around the UK.  Some of the psychometric testing can be done on-line or via email, and some of the coaching can be done via the telephone.  In terms of methods of delivery, we are flexible and can put together a package that suits your circumstances.  Depending on the service, we also see people in their own homes.

The real output of the service is a changed and energised you, but we can provide written feedback reports, setting out insights and actions to be taken, as well as any necessary research information, such as contact addresses etc.

Finally, we are not an employment agency; we cannot find you a job, but we can give you the necessary tools to make the best career decision, as well as empowering you to handle workplace challenges and opportunities productively.

A question frequently asked by clients prompted Christine Stobbs to develop this career management programme several years ago, as an alternative way of helping people move forward with their lives. The programme is specifically designed for those who feel they are at a cross-roads in life and aren't sure which way to go or what to do next.

It consists of a series of exercises and one-to-one sessions that can assist the individual in making decisions about the career changes they want to make, the goals they want to achieve and how to go about making it happen. When appropriate, psychometric assessment is used, particularly when considering career change options. Through this we can measure retraining potential or examine the ideal working environment for an individual’s personality. We work to time-scales and deadlines to ensure that the client is kept on track and able to achieve their goal.

Since its inception, the "Where do I go from here?" programme has helped all kinds of people make significant career changes.