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Intellectual Capacity in Legal Proceedings

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As psychologists we are also experienced at determining, through objective intellectual assessment, whether a person who is involved in legal proceedings lacks capacity within the meaning of the Mental Capacity Act 2005: “To have capacity to conduct proceedings the person must have capacity to understand, absorb and retain information, including advice relevant to the issues on which his or her consent or decisions are likely to be necessary in the course of the proceedings sufficiently to enable him or her to make decisions based upon such information. This includes the ability to weigh information and advice in the balance as part of the process of making decisions within the proceedings, and the ability to communicate these decisions”.  Source:

Assessments can take place at our offices in Tunbridge Wells or we can travel to a solicitors / Court offices if that is more convenient.  We can also in some circumstances attend the individual’s home. We have psychologists in London and the South East, Bristol, Exeter and the South West, Nottingham and the Midlands and North. We also travel all over the UK.