Our approach

Our approach is to provide a tailored service that is insightful, ethical and practical. We strive to be clear and realistic, whilst not ignoring any important complexities. We remain focused on the needs of our clients, whether an individual, a team or an organisation, as well as the commercial and business imperatives within which they operate. Our solutions are embedded within best practice standards and we source the finest tools available or develop our own.

Our clients

We work with a broad range of people from recently qualified graduates to CEOs. We have worked in many areas, from financial services, search and selection firms, telecommunications, IT, legal firms, charities, GP and vet practices, local and central government.  We also have specialist services for the legal profession and for people rebuilding their careers after a health setback or sudden acquired disability.  

Our experience

  • assessment for executive/director level selection, particularly sensitive, demanding appointments
  • mentoring, executive coaching
  • careers counselling/guidance
  • stress management and resilience training
  • equality and diversity awareness training
  • experts in neurodiversity and reasonable adjustments
  • addressing bullying in the workplace workshops
  • personal impact training
  • job redesign and job retention
  • assessor training
  • assessment centre design, talent management
  • interview coaching
  • job analysis and competency framework design
  • personality assessment using psychometrics
  • assessment of retraining capacity
  • troubleshooting to identify reasons for under-performance at work
  • occupational health assessments
  • design of vocational rehabilitation action plans
  • preparation of Expert Occupational Reports for the Courts/Tribunals and giving evidence
  • training seminars for the legal profession
  • inclusion and diversity specialists
  • neurodiversity diagnoses