Development through training


Doherty Stobbs has considerable experience in delivering bespoke  courses to the public sector, private sector and third sector organisations.   We have delivered training for most of the large central government departments, smaller agencies and commercial organisations.  We are able to offer a range of bespoke training courses specifically designed/adapted for your organisation and can deliver training remotely online, including:

At a personal level, we love training, whether this is face to face, or more frequently now given COVID-19, using virtual platforms.  Our focus is always on making the experience positive and developmental for delegates.  We aim to create a safe but active learning environment where all participants feel comfortable contributing.  We design the sessions carefully to accommodate the needs of a diverse range of delegates, including, for example, those who are very extraverted or introverted, those lacking social confidence or self-confidence, or those who have little time.  We pride ourselves on designing relevant and powerful courses that have an impact long after the day is finished.  We do put on public events from time to time, but most of our training assignments come from organisations wanting a workshop or programme to address specific training needs. 

The feedback we get from delegates tends to be very very positive (at least most of the time!).   

What people say about our trainers...

“very knowledgeable”

“a lot of expertise”

“very engaging”




“relaxed…makes people feel safe to contribute”


“very experienced”

“friendly and informal atmosphere”

“tailored workshop to needs of group”

We are always happy to discuss potential training events.  Please contact Christine Stobbs for further information.